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Therapy: A Relationship That Works

Therapy is conducted in a safe, caring environment by a licensed and compassionate therapist.

  • Therapy is a mutual and collaborative process; client and therapist work as a team.
  • Therapy helps you to identify perfectionist beliefs and actions.
  • Therapy helps you challenge the self-defeating beliefs and actions that fuel perfectionism.
  • Therapy helps you break the vicious cycle of perfectionism and move toward more satisfying relationships.
  • Therapy helps you develop and practice alternative strategies for healthy striving.
  • Therapy gives you the choice to change.
“Therapy is an interactive process in which the therapist helps you identify the self-defeating beliefs and actions that are getting in the way of your personal contentment.” Susan J Friedman Relationship Counseling

Therapy will help you to:

  • Set realistic goals based on your needs and wants.
  • Experiment with your standards for success.
  • Use feelings of anxiety and depression as opportunities to ask yourself, “Have I set up impossible expectations for myself in this situation?”
  • Confront the fears behind your perfectionism by asking yourself, “What am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that could happen?”
  • Recognize that many positive things can be learned from making mistakes.
  • Avoid all– or –none thinking.

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