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Nurture Yourself!

  • Emotional Security:

    Talk and act so that you feel safe and comfortable. Be gentle. Be dependable. Be human, not perfect.

  • Give Time:

    Participate in your life. Participate in your friends ⁄ families lives. Reveal who you are to family ⁄ friends.

  • Physical Security:

    Give yourself food, shelter, and clothing. Practice personal hygiene, nutrition. Monitor safety. Maintain a routine. Attend to wounds.

  • Boundaries:

    Be consistent. Ensure rules are appropriate to your age and development level. Set clear limits and realistic expectations for yourself. Learn from your mistakes, do not punish yourself or blame others.

  • Trust And Respect:

    Acknowledge your right to have feelings, friends and opinions. Practice independence. Allow for privacy. Believe in yourself.

  • Give Affection:

    Express verbal and physical affection. Accept affection when you're physically or emotionally hurt.

  • Encourage And Support:

    Be affirming. Follow your interests. Let others disagree with you. Recognize self–improvement. Learn new skills.

  • Care for yourself:

    Give yourself personal time. Keep yourself healthy. Maintain and make friendships. Accept love.

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